The Falcon Programming Language
A fast, easy and powerful programming language
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Falcon Official Download.

This page contains various downloadable packages from the latest official version of the Falcon Programming Language, both in source format and pre-compiled for various platforms.

Linux specific binary packages, as RPM, .deb and similar, are provided by various Linux distribution; please, check your favorite distribution archives for "falconpl" or "falcon" packages.

Official Release Chimera

Latest of the Chimera series, the release opens the new development model, with all the relevant modules under the hood of the main Falcon build system.

Falcon_0_9_6_8_VS9.exeWin32 Installer and devel for VS9installer
Falcon- package (TGZ)source
Falcon-docs- documentation - TGZdocs
Falcon-docs- documentation - ZIPdocs
Falcon-docbook- documentationdocs
falcon- pre-compiled TGZ (Linux32)prebuilt
Falcon- package (zip)source
Falcon_0_9_6_9_VS9.exeVisual Studio 2008 installer (win32)installer

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