The Falcon Programming Language
A fast, easy and powerful programming language
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The Falcon Programming Language has been created by Giancarlo Niccolai (jonnymind), who is the mentor, the lead developer and the President of the Falcon Committee.

Committee members

Contributors having an active role in the central/core projects related to Falcon development are part of the Committee. Committee membership is divided into inner and outer, depending on the amount of involvement they have in the overall organization of Falcon.

Inner committee:

Inner members are those actively developing strategic subprojects or taking care of the overall Falcon project organization.

Outer committee:

Outer members have been active in the past but have ceased their activity, or are providing a small contribution to the code but cooperate with the committee providing design, documentation, support, "public relations", cool ideas and so on, or provide relevant and continuous contributions but are not interested into the overall organization of the Falcon project.

  • Dennis Clarke - Solaris porting, packaging and system management
  • Jeremy Cowgar - DBI (Database Interface) module and various support


Falcon developers not enlisted in the Committee are those that work officially on some Falcon extension or module, or that provided some code that has been integrted (patches, bugfixes, cool features, etc) on a sporadic basis.


Contributors are members having hepled Falcon through non-code related activites, as packaging, marketing, bug hunting, reviewing and so on.


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