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Falcon downloads - Bleeding edge.

This is where you can find experimental versions of The Falcon Programming Language, released for testing or other special purposes.

Although experimental, these releases aren't issued without control; for unstable versions and internal group testing, a separate download area is available in the development site.

In other words, the bleedinig edge release you can find in this section is working but not "confirmed". For example, RTL functions, new language constructs, different grammar layouts may be placed in this in-between releases without proper documentation (i.e. after a news announcement) and may be removed or radically changed in the final release.

The bleeding edge release is also the place where "release candidates" are stored before they are turned into the official release.

Previously release Bleeding Edge releases can be found in the "Older Downloads" link until a new official releases clears them.

In this moment, we don't have a new bleeding edge release.


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