The Falcon Programming Language
A fast, easy and powerful programming language
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Falcon Git Repositories

Development of Falcon has been moved from SVN to Git. The official git repositories can be found at http://git.falconpl.org. There is also a mirror on github at https://github.com/falconpl that you can fork at will.

There are currently three repositories in the official git site and the github mirror.

  • falcon - the Falcon programming language itself
  • falbot - an IRC bot written in Falcon used on the #falcon channel on freenode.net
  • falcon-site - the source code for this website

The source code for the Falcon programming language can be cloned from any of the following urls.

  • http://git.falconpl.org/falcon.git
  • https://github.com/falconpl/falcon.git
  • git://github.com/falconpl/falcon.git

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