BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fix_siteFixed several problems in engine and apache moduleGiancarlo Niccolai2 years
masterNot sending the form when navi buttons are pressedGiancarlo Niccolai17 months
ne_schedulerDefaulting open to rd onlyGiancarlo Niccolai2 years
new_engineAdded support for the 'to' expression -- temporarily Switch/to won't workGiancarlo Niccolai4 weeks
new_engine_shmemShared mem module compilation fixed on POSIX as well.Giancarlo Niccolai14 months
new_genparserNow compiling code snippets is optionalGiancarlo Niccolai8 months
static_buildMore flexible generic op_initGiancarlo Niccolai8 months
summonSummoning and delegation complete. Need to add and testGiancarlo Niccolai22 months
zip_vfs[zip_vfs] CMakeLists.txt changes and additions to allow building the zip vfs ...Paul Davey4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-09-19Not sending the form when navi buttons are pressedHEADmasterGiancarlo Niccolai
2013-09-19Using args instead of parsed uri in query get generationGiancarlo Niccolai
2013-09-18Strangely, missing a dereference in mysql moduleGiancarlo Niccolai
2013-08-09[Math Extra]Remove unneeded filesSteven Oliver
2013-07-24Nil properties were rendered as 'nil'Giancarlo Niccolai
2013-06-24Removed t_ functions (will use i strings in future)Giancarlo Niccolai
2013-06-24Fixed minor details on rendering aspectsGiancarlo Niccolai
2013-06-10Fixed missing quote in widget renderingGiancarlo Niccolai
2013-06-10mispelled property in methodGiancarlo Niccolai
2013-03-26Throwing an error in case of misuse (instead of crash)Giancarlo Niccolai